Émergences-Résurgences (2016-2017)

pour orchestre

premiere by The Geidai Philharmonia Orchestra, Tokyo, Cond. by Junichi Hirokami


Morning concert 2017, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan

(EN) This piece was composed based on the work Émergences-Résurgences by Henri Michaux, a 20th century French-Belgian painter and poet. He left behind many words he wrote down after his mescaline experience, as well as drawings made with ink.[...] This series of books, to which this book belongs, is a collection of works by Louis Aragon, Roland Barthes, Jacques Prévert, Arsinski, and other leading artists of the 20th century. Louis Aragon, Roland Barthes, Jacques Prévert, Arsinski, and others. Michaux’s book is a concrete, confessional account of the secrets of the creation of his own work (from the afterword by the translator, Mr. Koumi). Some of the words that I have extracted from the core of Michaux’s own artistic creation form the imagery that I used when I set out to compose this music. Of course, I was inspired not only by the words, but also by the black color and the world presented by the strange ink drawings, which, as Michaud says, ’are an appetizing black color’, and look like human figures.(Excerpts from the program notes)"