être (2022)

pour clarinet d’amore et 7 musiciens

premiere by Ensemble Proton Bern


Dampfzentrale Bern, Switzerland

Thanks to Dirigent - Aaron Cassidy Flöte & Bassflöte - Katrin Szamatulski Oboe d'Amore - Martin Bliggenstorfer Klarinette d'Amore - Richard Haynes Fagott - Elise Jacoberger Harfe - Miriam Paschetta Klavier - Samuel Fried Violine - Maximilian Haft Violoncello - Jan-Filip Ťupa

Between the musical instruments and their extension, I began to think about the incarnation of the instrument and the composer's ego. I was also inspired by a conversation about "rebirth" with an artist friend. For this piece, and in my collaboration with the ensemble proton bern, I decided to start with the clarinet d'amour, as an essential instrument. Dedicated to Richard Haynes