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  • 執筆者の写真Sachie Kobayashi

Kobayashi has been shortlisted and submitted to the jury of the 2021 ISCM World New Music Days

ISCM Switzerland

The ISCM Swiss Section announces its official submission to the jury of the 2021 #ISCM World New Music Days in Shanghai! Congratulations to Sachie Kobayashi, Karin Wetzel, Fritz Hauser, David Philip Hefti, Fernando Garnero and Tobias Krebs! At least 1 will be selected for performance at the festival in September 2021. ISCM Switzerland is the Swiss Section of the #ISCM and, among other, supports composers in Switzerland to have works performed at the annual ISCM World Music Days Festival. Further infos at,


a pleasant surprise !! My work has been shortlisted and submitted to ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) World Music Days Festival 2021 Félicitation à tous les compositeurs et compositrices !

2021年のISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music, 国際現代音楽協会)主催、国際音楽祭 ISCM World Music Days Festival 2021にスイスセクションから推薦されました まだまだ厳しい状況が続く中、自分の作ったものに耳を傾けてもらえたことが大変嬉しいことです。ありがとうございます。


すべて表示 This is part three of a special mini series dedicated to the impuls festival and academy, featuring music & statements from participants, visiting artists and tut

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