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Sachie Kobayashi (1990) now takes an interest in more intuitive creation and musical expression related to social phenomena. She started her career as a composer while complementing her research as her second master in education of music theory at Haute école de musique de Genève after completed her master's degree in 2020, under Michael Jarrell, Luis Naon and Gilbert Nouno at the same conservatory. 


Born in Kanagawa, Japan, she began studying piano at the age of seven. And she started studying composition at the age of twenty.

Currently she is based in Geneva and she received some scholarship and grants, especially the Swiss Confederation Excellence Scholarship, the fellowship by the Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and Kakehashi Foundation. Immediately after her arrival in Europe, her works were presented worldwide and she participated in several festivals. She worked with numerous ensembles and musicians including Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Reconcil, mdi Ensemble, percussion CYTi, Orchestre de la HEM, Ensemble 21, The Geidai Philharmonia Orchestra.

In 2021 to 2022 she will participate in the Cursus de composition et d'informatique musicale by IRCAM (Paris, France). Also, she is a shortlisted for the « World New Music Days 2021 » by ISCM and selected « Protonwerk no. 11. » by ensemble Proton Bern (Switzerland).  She got « Special Mention » by Ars Electronica Forum Wallis Selection 2020 with her acousmatic works. She also collaborated with Daniel Künzi, film director, with his documentary film « pomme de discorde ». For the video art she collaborated with Ekaterina Kostelskaya, multidisciplinary artist who explores the correlation between the physical space and the physicality of sound. In recent years, she began her involvement in stage production with videos in the concert.

In 2020, « I haven’t known you yet » for orchestra and electronics was premiered by the HEM Orchestra, conducted by Pierre Bleuse. 

In Japan, she received her bachelor’s diploma (Cultural Creative Studies) from Aoyama Gakuin University. Also, she studied at the Tokyo University of Arts (GEIDAI, bachelor of composition). In 2018, she won the Acanthus Prize and the Taito Mayor Prize.


1990年、神奈川県生まれ。近年は直感や社会現象と音楽の関係性への興味から創作活動を展開。スイス・ジュネーブ高等音楽院(Haute école de musique de Genève)作曲科修士課程卒業。ミカエル・ジャレル、ルイス・ナオン、ジルベール・ノウノの各氏に師事。作曲や電子音楽を学び、また様々な芸術分野とのコラボレーション、表現方法を探る。現在同音楽院音楽教育(理論)修士にて、教育現場からクリエーションまで幅広く活動を続けている。また、2021-2022年度IRCAM(フランス国立音響音楽研究所)のCursus(作曲研修課程)にて研修中。

2020年、オーケストラと電子音響のための « I haven’t known you yet» がスイスにて初演、(指揮 Pierre Bleuse, 演奏 Orchestre de la HEM)好評を博す。サウンドデザインや、ヴィデオアートによる視覚演出なども手がけている。

映像作家Daniel Künzi氏の作品" pomme de discorde "への音楽提供や、ヴィデオアーティストのEkaterina Kostelskaya氏とのコラボレーションなど。また数々のマスタークラス、音楽フェスティバルに参加。Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Reconcil, mdi Ensemble, percussion CYTi, Orchestre de la HEM, ensemble 21, The Geidai Philharmonia Orchestraなどを始め多くの団体やミュージシャンとの共同制作、委嘱、実践を続けている。

Ars Electronica Forum Wallis Selection 2020 Highly commended獲得, 2021年ISCM World Music Days (世界音楽の日々) 最終選考推薦。

また、2021年、オーストリア impuls . International Composition Competition受賞。日本にて台東区長賞、アカンサス賞を受賞。

令和元年度文化庁新進芸術家海外研修制度研修員。また、スイス政府優秀奨学金、公益財団法人かけはし芸術文化振興財団、公益財団法人野村財団、Fondation Hans Wilsdorfなどによる数々の助成を国内外より受ける。


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